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Bubble soccer are the latest craze bestowing more fun than soccer. They are safer than football and much lighter than any other sports equipment. Bubble soccer makes you spin,bounce and have a hearty laugh all the way. These special inflated balls protect you from every angle and let you enjoy the game. Our worry-free quality assurance and professional services help take away all the stresses from you when you play the game. Bubble soccer quality, customized service, and  superb after sales support is our strength.

What are BubbleBalls?

…wearable, inflatable balls of fun! They’re a fun and safe way to stay active for kids and adults alike. There are tons of games you can play with Bubble Balls, but we’re partial to Bubble Soccer (also called Bubble Football).

These Bubble balls look like great fun for friends our the Family. With the Holidays coming up, this would be the perfect, fun and exciting gift to get for someone who loves sports or just wants to have a great time having fun! It’s perfect for kids, teens and even adults. Make this Christmas special by giving them the gift that no one else on the street has. Imagine the hours of fun you’ll have playing Bubble Ball! Get your wholesale soccer balls at their site and buy bubblefootball today!


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Green Bubble Ball


Blue Bubble Ball


To inflate the bumper balls, you can use the air pump that is usually available to pump up the air bed, camping bed, etc. Most of the air pumps have multiple nozzle sizes, you can just find the one fits the ball. We have an air pump for sale, if you want to use our own pump.

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About Bubble Ball:

BubbleBall  Inc. is a national provider of wearable, inflatable bubble suits in the U.S., most popular with games such as bubble soccer.
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