Band-Aids for Kids


Help Wounds Get Better, Faster1

 Now an array of varieties and characters, your little one will be happy to have a fun character on their boo-boo. My Daughter loves them and your kids will too!They offer more than just band-aids such as itch relief, bandage covers, ointment cream, nose sprays and more.

We go through band-aids very quickly in this house so I’m grateful we have enough to last us a while now. Check out the ones I received below and get to your local drugstore to pick them up!

Keeping cuts and scrapes covered with BAND-AID® Brand helps them lock in the moisture they need to prevent scabs and heal up to 5 days faster.

About Band-Aid:

For 90 years BAND-AID® Brand has been there for your cuts and scrapes. We’ve stuck with you through the years and hope our products inspire you to express yourself!
BAND-AID® Brand Adhesive Bandages are America’s #1 Bandage Brand, thanks to loyal customers like you! From 1920 to today, we’ve stuck with you through the years and hope that our new products always create the inspiration to let you express yourself!
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