Sigma E25 and E40 Brushes

I purchased these brushes myself as I have been a fan for a while and they are broadly used in beauty bloggers tutorials. I was not compensated for this post in any way.

First off let me tell you how soft these brushes are. They are the softest fluffiest brushes that I have ever seen or shall I say felt in my life! I will have a tutorial up soon on how I use these brushes! Check out my reviews below and make sure you take advantage of their Brush Sales.





The E25 Blending Brush

This is a shorter more denser version of the E40. The E25 will give you more color pay off when applying eyeshadow. Also, more precision, since it is smaller. Since this E25 has white hair (goat hair) as opposed to black hair (synthetic) , it will not pack on a lot of color, which is nice when you’re working in your outer crease. You definitely do not want tons of pigment all over the place so it provides a very soft, blurred effect!


The Sigma E40 Tapered Blending Brush

Even when I am in a super rush and only have a few minutes, I still use this brush to throw some bronzer in the crease of my eye! The longer flared out bristles makes it so easy to blend! This brush is needed for achieving that flawlessly blended look. This is y far my favorite eye brush!



About Sigma:

Sigma Beauty was founded in 2009, and quickly grew into a well-known international online beauty store. In December of 2012, Sigma Beauty opened its first brick and mortar store at the largest mall in the United States – the Mall of America, in Minnesota. With 250+ retailers in 70+ countries, Sigma Beauty is today a global company with a marked presence on all continents.

Sigma Beauty’s mission is to provide beauty enthusiasts with the latest innovations in cosmetics, makeup brushes, and brush care accessories. We strive for exceptional quality, innovative function, and excellence in customer service. Sigma Beauty utilizes science and engineering to constantly challenge the beauty industry status quo and present our clients with state of the art products.



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  1. George says:

    My sister has recently been obsessed with Sigma brushes for a reason unknown to me haha. Apparently she says they’re “not soaking upp all your makeup” leaving you with more product. Thanks for this write-up, now I know why she’s been so excited about them, and I know what to get her for her birthday!

  2. Elizabeth O. says:

    I am not that familiar with brands of make-up brushes but these sound great! I’m sure they’re amazing! I’m sure a lot of people would love these.

  3. fashionphases says:

    These look like great brushes. I am obsessed with makeup brushes. I have a large collection of all different sizes. The blending brush is one of my favorites to blend my foundation. 🙂

  4. JcCee says:

    I don’t really wear makeup but if I was to try some, these make up brushes would be the ones because of how you describe the softness of them. I do have a make up lover in the house. So, I will be sharing this with my daughter.

  5. Lisa Rios says:

    I am hearing about Sigma for the first time, but sounds like a great brand and these brushes looks amazing for sure. Being so soft to use I am sure this is worthy to give it a try!

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