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This trendy diaper and wipe case contains a large inside pocket, wipe-able lining and snap-able wristlet! The clutch design creates a nice wide opening so it’s easy to see what’s inside and grab what you need in a hurry. If you want just a few diapers it can remain nice and flat or you can pack all your essentials and the bottom of the tote will expand to 2 inches.

This pattern matches the Sweet Treats Dropper Stopper and Binki Band!

See why moms are raving about the Tushy Tote, not only a welcome break from heavy diaper bags but perfect for all the essentials moms needs on the go!

Measures 8″x 4 x (expands to) 2″


About Sister Chic:

With a background in marketing, I have always enjoyed positions in the workplace that allowed me to be creative and innovative.  As an Air Force spouse, I was eager to find a job that I could move with as my husband and I relocated throughout the country.  When my sister in law approached me with her brilliant idea for a product, I was hooked!

Running a business has been a wonderful fit for my lifestyle but the highlight of what I do is working with my customers.  My boutiques are fantastic; I value each of them and consider them not only my clients but friends.  When Dropper Stopper was introduced, I was astounded by the overwhelming response from moms and store owners everywhere.  On of the biggest accomplishments was being featured among the “Best Products and Inventions you can’t live without as a Parent” Baby Couture Magazine.

The journey of bringing Dropper Stopper to life has been remarkable but the real reward is in the end result.  I have been proud to introduce the world to the Dropper Stopper, a quality, functional and outstanding product that does exactly what is says!

With the success of the Dropper Stopper two additional products have been added to the line; the Binki Band and Tushy Tote are both available in matching Dropper Stopper fabrics.

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